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  • Private and furnished rooms

  • Queen size beds

  • Laundry Room with washer and dryer in home and on the premises

  • Common home areas include: livingroom, dining room, kitchen and laundry room

  • Patio and or deck

  • Gated community home

  • Outdoor swimming pool available for residents in most homes

  • Fitnes center available for residents in most homes

  • Wi-Fi Availabilty in most homes

Health and Wellness


Being able to function and having the chance to do what you want to do:


  • While being independent

  • having self-determination regarding choices, opportunities and activities

  • having physical and emotional states of well being

  • and not being held back by pain

Our Staff


Our employees have a background in either caring for their loved ones that needed some assistance in their daily lives, have prior experienced or has earned professional credentials in order to be competent in this population.


Our employees has successfully passed a criminal background check and electronic fingerprinting through Cogent and are certified in CPR and First-Aid. 

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