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We provide Community Residential Alternative (CRA) Services under the Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP) that offers an array of services and supports necessary for our resident's to maximize their potenial in order to live a successful and natural life within the community.

  • 24-hour support and supervision

  • Individualized safety supports

  • Clean and Safe environment

  • Preparation in Practice Safety Drills

  • Medication Supervision

  • Protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation

  • Free from unecessary intrusive interventions

  • Protection of medical records

  • Supporting individualized choices

  • Cultural and religious beliefs

  • Respecting individuals rights

  • Person centered services and supports

  • Education and learning

  • Employment preferences

Best Possible Health
  • Supports in managing individualized health care

  • Maintaining Physician Appointments

  • Referrals to Specialty Care

  • Timely medication reminders

  • Monitoring new medication side effects

  • Medication Refills and delivery

  • Meal preparation

  • Maintaing modified diets according to physician orders

  • DDP/RN annual assessments, monthly monitoring, and when needed.

  • Transportation

  • Shopping

  • Participating in community outings

  • Friendships in the community

  • Self-Discovery

  • Personal and Individual Growth

  • Freedom of Personal Choice

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